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Our NFC triggered mobile websites adds significant value to the in store customer engagement. Customers simply tap their phone on NFC/QR code card to view product information, purchase and recommend product in social networking sites.

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Our solution, “Auto Tlick” acts as a virtual Salesperson in Auto showrooms to the customers by providing the prerequisite information on specific time by single Tap on NFC tag.

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Using NFC to power up and drive your Loyalty and Sales. NFC Loyalty cards are an excellent way to facilitate quick, contactless and hassle-free shopping experience in retail and warehouse industries.

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NFC Technologies

Given mobile’s strengths of immediacy, context and utility, hyperlocal targeting and contextual content is the most effective method to ensure success. We are able to bring unique insights through social, mobile, CRM and analytics – all with an emphasis on providing clients greater relevancy and engagement through content. Mobile advertising plays a large role in driving awareness and traffic across most of our clients, not only for their products, but as a point of discovery for other digital/mobile channels that our clients are engaged with. As our technology is deployed more widely, NFC will generate the equivalent of clickstream data by exact location.

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