• Customers can check the price of the car.
  • Customers can view the latest promotional video of the car.
  • Customers can check the online reviews of the car.
  • Customer outlook which helps to provide better service.
  • Customers can able to do online research of the car.
  • Can check opinions on the car through social media like, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest etc. to know.
  • Customer outlook which helps to provide better service.

All this timely information encourages the customers to make quick purchase decision in the Auto showroom which improves the car sales.

Customers in the Auto showroom can tap their Smart phones on NFC Tag placed on each car displayed in the showroom, the whole information of the specific Car will be displayed on customer smart phone. This seamless sharing of product information with customers in Auto showroom, helps to enhance the customer’s awareness about the product and increases the customer experience.


“Customers Can't Buy Your Car If They Don’t Know It Exists in Your Auto showroom" Our “Auto Tlick” solution helps the Auto showrooms to run multiple In-store marketing campaigns to educate the customers by placing NFC enabled posters on the walls in auto showrooms or at the entrance of the stores. When customer walking around in the showrooms, he/she will tap their phone on the NFC enabled poster to view the whole car information on their smartphone. It create a pull-demand to the car.

Recommendation Based marketing

“Auto Tlick” solution builds a strong brand to the Auto showrooms by encouraging customers to recommend or share car information through Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and other social media networks to get coupons.


Auto Tlick adds a tremendous value to used car business, because here information sharing with customers about second car will be high. Because customer when come to showroom to buy the used cars, if they saw other brand car meets their needs effectively, they will go for but before we should provide high quality information about the car.