Retail shopping

Generally, tracking the customer behavior in Auto showroom is complex task but our solution “Auto Tlick” assists the management to done this job in a simple and easy way with minimal investment to the company.

  • “Auto Tlick” tracks the number of customers who are checking the particular car by tapping on it.
  • “Auto Tlick” tracks the time spent by the customer on a specific car to view the latest.
  • “Auto Tlick” collects customer’s opinions on new car and its service through social media network.

All this real time information is vital for Auto showroom business to formulate their marketing and sales promotion strategies.


Retail industry is an ever green growing industry and also highly competitive segment because high quality customer service is the core of this business and technology adoption acts as a differentiating factor between successful retailers and others. Tlick is NFC solutions offering retail store to engage the customers in better way in store and also increases the retail store sales by proving following services.


Our solution Tlick acts as a virtual salesman in retail store to customers by providing the required information on time by single Tap.

  • Customers can check the price of the product.
  • Customers can view the latest promotional video of the product.
  • Customers can check the online reviews of the products.
  • Customers do online research of the products.
  • Can check Facebook and twitter opinion page to know customer service.


We have a technology to help you out for selling anything to everything in the retail store. Exclusively for retail stores/shopping malls/boutiques/ daily shopping marts/grocery stores etc. If you believe in technology selling then you are at the right place. Do you have problems handling the customer rush at the time of festive season or the daily office hour rush. NFC technology is the right solution for you. We at Tlick would help you to handle customers in a more educated way than before.


  • Targeting the prospect and converting the sale.
  • Identifying the actual buyer versus the window shopper.
  • Getting feedback about the products.
  • Analytics of the visited users and the market trend.
  • Marketing campaign to reach out to the potential customers.


Our Tlick solution offers easy payment solution to the customers by supporting Google wallet, credit card contactless payment, it saves the customer’s precious time by not standing in the queue.